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60% Lighter Than Zirconia

Crystal Ultra hybrids are roughly the same weight and the same hardness as natural teeth, leading to greater functionality and patient comfort compared to other materials.

6X Stronger Than Acrylic

At 492 MPa, Crystal Ultra’s compressive strength is greater than that of any other nanoceramic; making it the strongest nanoceramic dental material in use for cosmetic, minimally invasive and implant dentistry.

Adjust and Repair Chairside

Ideally suited for a quick and easy chairside adjustment. Crystal Ultra allows for composite chairside repair if a tooth ever chips or cracks due to bruxism. No material is as easy to manipulate in the mouth as Crystal Ultra.

Bends and Gives Under Stress

At 10 GPa, Crystal Ultra is the most flexible ceramic available on the market and the only ceramic that actually flexes in the mouth. This flex makes Crystal Ultra durable and comfotable for the patient.

The Light-Weight

Full Arch Implant

Crystal Ultra full arches are 60% lighter than Zirconia arches and 6 times stronger than traditional titanium acrylic hybrids. Crystal Ultra is also gorgeous with incredible optical qualities. Beautiful, strong and functional, Crystal Ultra is rapidly becoming the material of choice for full arch dentistry.

Studied & Proven

Superior Shock Absorbtion

Crystal Ultra is the least “clacky” ceramic and is the gentlest material of all the dental ceramics and ceramic hybrids. Crystal Ultra offers a hardness which closely matches natural dentition.

By comparison, non-hybrid ceramics are harder than enamel, making them less pliable and forgiving, causing an unnatural “clacky” sound and feel when the patient bites down.


At 492 MPa, Crystal Ultra’s compressive strength is greater than that of any other nanoceramic; making it the strongest nanoceramic dental material in use for cosmetic, minimally invasive and implant dentistry.

6x Stronger Than Acrylic

Nanoceramic of Choice

The key to achieving the exceptional shock absorption, compressive strength and lack of brittleness is the ratio of polymers to ceramics in the material.
Crystal Ultra is formulated with a higher ratio of polymers to ceramics, making it the most durable and elastic hybrid ceramic on the market today!


Adjustments and Repair

Ideally suited for chairside dentistry, Crystal Ultra quick and easy to adjust.

If a tooth ever chips or cracks due to bruxism, Crystal Ultra can be repaired with composite.

How is it constructed?

After over 1.2 million simulated bites, representing 5 years in the mouth, no fractures or excessive wear was evident even after scanning with an electron microscope at 1000x magnification.

“Crystal Ultra exhibited properties of abrasion that are very close to that of enamel”

How is it constructed?

  • TriLor® is a fiber-reinforced resin material designed for dental substructures
  • Strong, but flexible, TriLor combined with Crystal Ultra results in fixed hybrid dentures that transfer less energy to the implants
  • Trilor and Crystal Ultra have a strong chemical bond with one another eliminating the risk of debonding over time

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What People Are Saying

“I recently delivered my 27th Crystal Ultra hybrid overdenture. My patient and I could not be more thrilled with the aesthetics and function. It looks and feels more natural than zirconia and is much easier to work with. Crystal Ultra is my first choice for hybrid overdentures.”



Dr. Clark Brown

Melbourne, FL

“I couldn’t be happier with the design, aesthetics and quality of Crystal Ultra. Thank you to Digital Dental’s amazing lab team in Scottsdale, AZ. Already planning the next one.”





Dr. Nestor Marquez

Yuma, AZ

“Crystal Ultra is a fantastic material to work with…It is versatile and strong while still having a beautiful natural translucency…I highly recommend using Crystal Ultra in your lab.”





Matthew Raes, Studio 32

Cedar Rapids, IA

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