Inlay and Onlay Prep: Traditional inlay and onlay prep is recommended. Taper the cavity walls 5-6 degrees to the long axis of the preparation. Do not undercut. Internal edges should be rounded. Incisal/occlusal reduction should be at least 1.0 mm below the bottom of the fissure and at least 1.5 in the area of the isthmus or cusps.

Veneer Prep: Reduction of the labial surface should be at least 0.6 mm and 0.4 mm at the gingival. The reduction of the incisal, labial-lingual angle should be 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Margins for the veneers should be in the enamel and above the gingival tissues. Create a chamfer or rounded shoulder. Proximal extensions should be made far enough into the proximal region so that margins do not show and have no proximal-gingival undercuts.

Crown Prep: Axial reduction should be at least 1.0 mm at bottom of the fissure and at least 1.5 mm in the area of the cusps with a 5-6 degree taper. Incisal/occlusal reduction should be 1.5 to 2 mm clearance in centric occlusion and all excursions. Shoulders must extend at least 0.8 mm from the lingual to the proximal contact area. Non-beveled shoulder finish lines are recommended. All line angles should be rounded and surfaces should be smooth.

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Crystal Ultra Specs

Physical Property Measurement
 Vickers Hardness (200 p)  710 MPa **
 Modulus of Elasticity 
(Young Modulus)
 10,000 MPa **
 Flexural Strength  175 MPa **
 Compressive Strength  480-500 MPa **
 Density  1.89 g/cm3
 Chemical Solubility  1.29 μg/cm3
 Water Absorption  16.94 μg/mm3
 Water Solubility  0.04 μg/mm3
 Biocompatibility  Confirmed
 Ceramic Filler  70.02% (wt)
 Color Stability  Confirmed
 Shade Consistency  Confirmed
 Surface Finish  Smooth
 Bond Strength  27-37 MPa