Directions for Build-up or Adding-on to Restorations: You can make additions and repairs to Crystal® Ultra restorations with methacrylate-based light-cured restoratives. Restorations made from Crystal® Ultra must not be reworked with tungsten carbide tools as such instruments may damage the material. Use only diamond coated milling tools or special polishing tools desired for hybrid ceramic-resin materials. When reworking, use water and exert only slight pressure. This material should not be fired under any circumstances during processing, finishing or build-up/add-on.

Build-up or Add-on guidelines are as follows:

  1. Extraorally: Roughen the site to be added to with a coarse diamond, stone, or air abrade (sandblast with 50μm aluminum oxide). Clean the restoration in an ultra-sonic cleaner with normal detergent.
  2. Intraorally: Roughen site to be added to with a coarse diamond, stone or intraoral air abrasion unit. Rinse and clean the prepped site, then dry.
  3. Brush on Scotchbond Universal Adhesive to the roughened area for 20 seconds and gently blow dry for 5 seconds.
  4. Use a Light-cure adhesive for 10 seconds.
  5. Apply methacrylate-based light-cured restorative and light-cure according to the instructions for use.
  6. Shape and smooth the addition using a medium wheel or diamond impregnated rubber wheel such as Dialite™.
  7. Polish using the appropriate steps in the Restorative Finishing section above.

Important Note: Since dust is formed when grinding dental ceramic products, always wear a face mask or grind when wet. Use an extraction unit in the laboratory.

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Crystal Ultra Specs

Physical Property Measurement
 Vickers Hardness (200 p)  710 MPa **
 Modulus of Elasticity 
(Young Modulus)
 10,000 MPa **
 Flexural Strength  175 MPa **
 Compressive Strength  480-500 MPa **
 Density  1.89 g/cm3
 Chemical Solubility  1.29 μg/cm3
 Water Absorption  16.94 μg/mm3
 Water Solubility  0.04 μg/mm3
 Biocompatibility  Confirmed
 Ceramic Filler  70.02% (wt)
 Color Stability  Confirmed
 Shade Consistency  Confirmed
 Surface Finish  Smooth
 Bond Strength  27-37 MPa