Strongest Esthetic Ceramic

At 480 MPa, Crystal Ultra's compressive strength is the strongest of all of the esthetic all ceramics and ceramic hybrids on the market.

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Most Flexible Ceramic

At 10 GPA, Crystal Ultra is the only ceramic that bends and gives so it won't chip, crack or fracture under stress.

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Natural Translucency

Whereas other ceramics must be painted/shaded to "appear" translucent, Ultra truly is a translucent material ideal for cosmetic dentistry.

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Ideally suited for implants, cosmetic, and minimally invasive dentistry.


Implant Supported Crowns

Removing the periodontal ligament for an implant, leaves the patient without this very important shock absorber and without sensation, which is why most ceramics break under stress and put too much strain on the implant.


Hybrid Implant Dentures

Ultra is stronger than bar-supported acryllic, meaning that not only will the entire denture be stronger, but each individual tooth will be stronger than any common bar-supported hybrid implant solution.


Milled Inlays and Onlays

With almost no additional prep work, dentists can either replace alalgams or offer milled inlays and onlays for the strongest possible and least invasive dental restoration.


Translucent Veneers

Unlike opaque ceramics, Crystal Ultra translucent veneers offer true transparency features and a chameleon effect, blending with the colors of surrounding and underlying teeth.


Esthetic Crown & Bridge

Cosmetic dentists use Crystal Ultra as a less porous more stain-resistant alternative to Empress or e.max, giving the patient a luster and polish and stain fighting attributes that outlast any other cosmetic restoration.


PFM & Metal Replacements

As five and ten-year-old PFMs, metal crowns, and even older ceramics fail under, or simply for cosmetic reasons, Crystal Ultra is the ideal replacement for nearly all older-generation restorations.


Bridges and Bruxers

The flex characteristics and low abrasion of Crystal Ultra make it ideal for Bruxers, especially those who are concerned about the hardness of zirconia, or those who seek a more esthetic and kinder solution


Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dentists who practice Minimally Invasive Dentistry use Crystal Ultra as their material of choice, because it is easily bonded to any tooth surface, and it gives flex for an implant where destroying two neighboring teeth would be the only other alternative.


Available in a Variety of Sizes and Shades

Crystal Ultra is available in a variety of shades in multiple disc diameters and thicknesses for high production dental laboratory milling machines plus blocks for chairside milling.